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We are producing Cotton, Poly Cotton, Linen Cloth Napkins for Wholesalers, Laundries, Restaurants and Hotels in Europe and USA

There is 0% Import Duty on our products in Europe and UK; 6% in USA. We deliver all over the world
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We produce Cloth Napkins and Table Cloths in Sateen, Satin Band, Gingham and Plain styles. Cotton and Poly Cotton Napkins, both are available. White is in high demand however; we produce in colors as well. Embroidery and Jacquard Designs are also available 

We use 180 gsm to 290 gsm for Napkins and 200 to 400 gsm for Table Cloths. Lower weights (gsm) are for lower costs. Cotton is traditionally the standard; poly cotton is used for improved look, durability and lesser cost..

Napkins are available in 45 x 45 cm, 50 x 50 cm, 55 x 55 cm, 60 x 60 cm sizes
In Inches, it is 18 x 18, 20 x 20, 22 x 22, 24 x 24
Table cloths are available in 90 x 90 to 240 x 240 cm sizes
Our sizes remain same & Stitching remain intact even after years of washing

Our White or Colored table linen is highly washable. Chlorine and high temperature regular laundry wash do not change the whiteness and color of our table linen. Our Napkins are stain and creasing resistant. They are easy to iron/press after wash.

Cotton Table Satin Napkins Manufacturer
What do you need to know about Cotton Linen table napkins?

Table Dinner Napkins come is standard sizes i.e., 45 x 45 cm, 50 x 50 cm and 55 x 55 cm. Small sizes are produced to decrease price. Same is the case with fabric weight. Standard weights are 200, 225 and 250 gsm. 200 gsm, most common, is popular among low-cost wholesalers whereas 5-star restaurants and hotels use 225 and 250 gsm. These napkins are produced with either two hem two selvedges or 4 hems. A satin stripe is usually in practice and become the hallmark of table linen.

Although it is a simple woven fabric but the specific requirement concerning durability and shape make it difficult to produce economically for most of the producers of fabric. 

These napkins and table clothes are produced with two types of yarn, either with 30/2 on both sides (Warp & Weft) or 30/2 x 16s. 30/2 on both sides is the best as these are more durable, looks and feels great and withstand 100s of washes without pilling. 16s in warp is used to decrease the price but decreases the life of napkins as well.

Usually these are in commercial use, in Restaurants and Hotels, and they are washed regularly in laundries with chlorine with high temperature. We use Specific yarn and apply some processes to withstand this washing. Our table clothing do not pale and its whiteness and colors remain same even after hundreds of washes.

Most of the table linen in market shrink a lot after initial washes however; Cotton table napkins produced by Zephyrs Textile don’t shrink more than 1%. This characteristic helps in retaining its size and shape.

Another aspect of a good napkin is its easiness to press or an anti-crease feature. These napkins are intended to be washed daily in commercial laundries, followed by pressing / ironing. Without special treatments, cotton linen gets wrinkles & creases thus making it hard for laundries to press them as new. Optimum Mercerizing can make it anti-crease, retaining its stiffness and look after wash. Use of better-quality yarn helps a lot in this regard.