How to Develop a Hot Selling Towel Brand

Step by Step (Steps in Golden and Blue, Details in Black)

  • Material of Towel Fabric: Select the material of towel. Quality of a Towel means Softness and Absorbency, and it depends upon material. Towels can be produced with different qualities of yarns Z1-Low Cost Autocoro Cotton Z2-Standard Carded Cotton Z3-Fine Ring Cotton Z4-Combed Cotton Z5-Zero Twist Cotton Z6-Cotton Bamboo Blend Z7-100% Bamboo. Z1 being the lowest and Z7 being super fine quality. Think about the market you are targeting.
    Ask for Samples of at least 5-6 qualities, to look and feel the towel. Select among options. Read More about Quality of Terry Towel Fabric….

How a Towel is Produced?

Towel manufacturing is a little different than standard woven fabric. Instead of two yarns (Warp and Weft), a third yarn is also used that makes the terry loop of the towel. These Terry Loops actually define the quality of the towel. Water absorbency and softness both depends upon this terry towel pile/terry.

What makes the quality of a Bath Towel?

A towels quality is measured with its Absorbency and Softness. There are several aspects that affects the quality.

1- Yarn:

In towel manufacturing, yarn is the most important thing for quality as well as price. From low cost single yarns to fine quality double yarns, there are many qualities. Yarns quality is actually the cotton’s quality that is used to produce yarn. Low quality cotton including waste cotton is used to produce low cost yarns, whereas the finest cotton is used to produce a fine yarn that is expensive as well. Regardless of the kind of cotton ( be it Egyptian, Pima, Pakistani or Turkish cotton) the quality of cotton is important.

Bamboo is also used to produce towels. BAMBOO is BEST. Its softness, absorbency and durability is far greater than cotton. It is antibacterial and hypoallergenic. It is expensive.

As there are three yarns in a towel, two of them make the ground of towel and the 3rd most important one makes the pile/terry of towel. Lower quality can be used for the ground but the pile or terry should be of good quality to improve the quality of the towel. Especially the fabric that is produced for Cotton Terry Bathrobes, where you don’t see the ground yarns nor they have any effect on absorbency, the 3rd yarn is the most important. It doesn’t matter where the towel is being produced, either in Pakistan or in China, in India, in Turkey or elsewhere, the use of yarn determines the class of towel. Use of double yarn in pile increases the look as double yarns keep standing even after dyeing or washing.

With the experience of 20 years and high investment on sampling and learning, we have shortlisted some yarns and qualities, for specific target markets. Read Below for a summarize look. You may ask for samples of each quality and select as per your choice.

Z1-Autocoro Yarn Cotton Towels- For low cost bulk wholesale and Institutional Buying

Z2-Carded Ring Cotton Towels- For low cost bulk wholesale, Institutional Buying and Low cost Bathrobes, with increased absorbency.

Z3-Fine Carded Cotton Towels- For 3-4 Star hotels & Restaurants, including bathrobes. Beach Towels and Pool Towels are also suitable in this quality.

Z4-Combed Cotton Towels- For Brands, selling to consumers who are willing to pay some extra bucks for quality. For 5 Star hotels, Spa, Gym.

Z5-Zero Twist Cotton Towels- Only for quality conscious consumers.

Z6-Bamboo Towels- For High end brands and consumers who always search for extra quality.

2-Weight of Towel:

All those above qualities can be produced from 250 gsm (gram per square meter) to 700 gsm. Price and absorbency increases with the weight of a towel. Price almost increases pro rata. Heavyweight towels feel luxurious and absorb much more water however, deciding the weight of towels depends upon the paying capacity of your target audience.

3- Dyeing of Towels:

Dyeing determines the safety of towels as well as washing ability. There are several techniques of dyeing being used. Use of harmful substances is strictly discouraged to avoid health and environment issues, so take care to ask for Reactive or Vat dyeing (especially Oekotex Standard 100 Class 1 certified dyeing) while negotiating a deal with your manufacturer in Pakistan, in India or in Turkey. Usually, towels are washed at 50-60 degrees normal water however, hotel and hospital towels are washed in commercial laundries at high temperatures with chlorine. Only Indanthrene dyes can withstand such washing processes and they don’t lose their colors even after 100s of washes.

Does the color or printing affect the absorbency of Towel?

White is the most absorbent; dark colors have a little lesser absorbency than light colors. Regarding printing, NEVER go for it for towels. Printing affects the absorbency and softness of towels. Regardless of the printing method, It reduces the capacity to absorb water to a great extent. Instead, you may go for Embroideries or yarn dyed patterns.

  • Size: Select your towel size. Towels are usually sold in sets however, starting with a single size could also be an economical idea.
  • Weight of Towel: Towel weight determines the price and quality (to some extent). We can produce towels from 250 gsm to 1200 gsm; above 700 gsm is usually for bath mats. Increased weight enhance the absorbency; increasing the prices as well. Make a Balance between weight and price.
  • Design: Designing includes woven patterns on terry and additional features e.g. a Closed Pocket on Spa Towel, an Open Pocket on Beach Towel, a Hanging Hook on Bath Towel. List is on going depending upon your creativity. Useful features and material quality are appreciated far more than woven patterns.
  • Border: Select Border Design from our Collection or Create your Own
  • Color: Whites are best, otherwise select from Color Chart.
    All colors including white towels are available. High temperature VAT Indanthrene colors ( These are usually selected for Restaurants where laundries wash these towels on high temperatures with Chlorine to remove stains) and Yarn Dyed towels are also available. All colors are Eco friendly and safe.
  • Embroidery: It can create a personalized look. Design your embroidery; keep it small.
    Printing isn’t available for terry towels.
  • Packaging: Packaging always add worth to the product. Select from our collection of Plastic bags and Cardboard box packaging styles, customize it OR design your Own. Packaging must be designed keeping in mind the requirements of storage. You can save many bucks on storage costs.
  • GO FOR PRODUCTION: Keep the initial order quantity small.