As a Textile and Apparel Company, Zephyrs started its operations in 2002. Zephyrs started its own production in 2008. Factory is located in Multan, Punjab, Pakistan, the largest cotton producing district. Its location, which is in the middle of country and province, in the famous fertile plains, linked with both 2 main highways (national Highway and Motorway), facilitates in hiring best human resource, buying high quality raw materials, hassle free access to sea port and peaceful operations.

Led by Mr. Hammad Haseeb Rao, the team comprised of 55 experienced professionals and 250 skilled workers.

The factory can produce up to 2 million Kitchen Towels, 1 million bags, 300K Bath Towels, 100K Bed Sheets, 40K Uniforms, 500K T Shirts, 500K Underwear per month.

Committed with the Sustainable Development Goals, and a sustainable earth, Zephyrs comply the requirements of Oekotex and got certified in 2012. We went for ISO-9001 in 2016 to improve our management standards. With the new development, that were aligned to our own commitments, we got GRS (Global Recycled Standard) and RCS (Recycled Claim Standard), in 2022. We were concerned about our own employees/workers (in specific) and the society (in general); our operations and other activities were already aligned to the cause, however, we got Sedex in 2022. We had been thinking about fairer terms for farmers and workers in cotton trade; We learnt about Fair Trade International, studied it, agreed with the cause and joined the Fair Trade supply chain as a certified member in 2023.

Pursuing sustainable development, Zephyrs joined hands with German Agency for International Cooperation- GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) in March 2022 and Completed the flagship project DFS (Dialogue for Sustainability). In that project, GIZ implemented a new approach in 12 renowned Pakistani Textile Mills to improve the efficiency of HR and to establish new sustainable production practices.

In 2014, Mr Hammad Haseeb Rao initiated ESDA (Education for Skill Development Association), a Not-for-Profit organization. Long term goal was to improve the quality of education through targeted interventions. ESDA, in collaboration with US Department of State, have conducted several degree programs (2-year program and 1-year program) in Universities, Technical Colleges and Schools, since then. ESDA completed several projects in partnership with Bahauddin Zakariya University, TEVTA (Technical and Vocational Training Authority, Govt of Punjab) and Schools Education Department (Govt of Punjab). More than 1400 students have been graduated from these programs since 2014.

Zephyrs Textile and ESDA developed a modern training program for textile and business graduates in 2020. 6 batches have been trained for entrepreneurship and for jobs in the industry. Program is continuously improving and evolving into an established course.

U.S. Consul General Colleen Crenwelge and Hammad Haseeb Rao
Graduation Ceremony of Access ESDA Hammad Haseeb Rao
Hammad Haseeb Rao Presting Gift to U.S. Consul General Colleen Crenwelge
Hammad Haseeb Rao and U.S. consul General Colleen Crenwelge

200 Students Graduated; Certificates were awarded during the Graduation Ceremony. Hammad Haseeb Rao Welcomed US Consul General U.S. Consul General Colleen Crenwelge, Public Affair Officer Michael Guinan, Vice Chancellor Bahauddin Zakariya University Prof.Dr.Tariq Mahmood Ansari and other Guests and briefed about the activities of the students. Colleen Crenwelge appreciated the efforts and vowed for continued support. 

Hammad Haseeb Rao Signing MOU with Chairman TEVTA Irfan Qaiser Sheikh
CEO ESDA and Zephyrs Textile Hammad Haseeb Rao with Chairman TEVTA Irfan Qaiser Sheikh
Hammad Haseeb Rao Speech at ISP
Hammad Haseeb Rao CEO Zephyrs Textile at ISP

CEO Zephyrs Textile Hammad Haseeb Rao signed MOU with Chairman TEVTA Irfan Qaiser Sheikh for the 2 years Project. US Consul General, US Public Affairs Officer, TEVTA Officials and Academics witnessed the signing ceremony

Business; Myths and Realities. Zephyrs Textile continues its support to the students and education sector. CEO Hammad Haseeb Rao conducted a session for students of Business Administration in the Institute of Southern Punjab.

Hammad Haseeb Rao
Hammad Haseeb Rao
Hammad Haseeb Rao interacting with students
Hammad Haseeb Rao

Greetings with Smile: CEO Mr. Hammad Haseeb Roa with his students

Hammad Haseeb Rao addressing graduation ceremony of English Works
CEO Zephyrs Textile Hammad Haseeb Rao and U.S Consul General Elizabeth Kennedy Trudeau
Hammad Haseeb Rao and U.S Consul General Elizabeth Kennedy Trudeau
Team ESDA with CEO Hammad Haseeb Rao

Our capacity depends upon our knowledge. We need to learn new things quickly. Collaborations are essential for learning and growth. CEO Hammad Haseeb Rao said while welcoming the guests during the inauguration of the new educational project with Bahauddin Zakariya University. U.S. Consul General Elizabeth Kennedy Trudeau graced the event and extended their support for the people of South Punjab.

Activities at Zephyrs Textile

Team Zephyrs Textile
Visit of German Experts at Zephyrs Textile
Internship Sessions at Zephyrs Textile
Internship Sessions at Zephyrs Textile
Cricket Match of Zephyrs Team
Zephyrs Team Cricket Match
License Activity at Zephyrs Textile
License Activity at Zephyrs Textile
Gym Zephyrs Textile Tanveer Iqbal Ejaz Ali
Gym at Zephyrs Textile
Gym Zephyrs Textile Team
Gym Zephyrs Textile

Tours @Zephyrs

Zephyrs Textile Naran Tour
Siri Paye Tour of Zephyrs Textile
Zephyrs Textile Fairy Meadows Tour
Zephyrs Textile Female Tour Kashmir
Team Zephyrs Textile Rafting
Zephyrs Textile Team Tours
Zephyrs Textile Team Tours
Zephyrs Textile Team Tours

At Zephyrs Textile, we understand the importance of vacations and tours for the overall wellbeing of our staff. Taking time off to rest and recharge is essential for maintaining a healthy work-life balance and reducing stress. By providing our employees the annual tours, we are promoting not just their physical and mental health but also their overall job satisfaction and productivity. We believe that when our staff return refreshed and rejuvenated, they bring new energy and ideas to the workplace.

This is our earth. We believe, it is our duty to contribute towards the protection of environment and to facilitate the basic rights of people. Words, certificates or pictures cannot show the real commitment; We invite you to visit & see how we are taking it seriously.

Social & Environmental Certifications

OEKOTEX Standard 100 Certificate

Zephyrs Textile GRS Certified Manufacturer

Global Recycled Standard Certificate

Zephyrs Textile RCS Certified Manufacturer

Recycled Claim Standard Certificate

Zephyrs Textile Fairtrade Certificate

FAIRTRADE Certified - Check on Fairtrade Finder

SEDEX REPORT Zephyrs Textile

Sedex Audit Report

Zephyrs Textile ISO Certificate

ISO 901:2015 Certificate