Are you going to do a Private Label / Wholesale Business  on Amazon?

Below Mentioned details will help you in your sourcing

How to Draft a Query?

to get Proper Response and Best Offers from Suppliers?

These days, everyone is searching for manufacturers and suppliers to produce private label products. There are hundreds of manufacturers in the world but very few are suitable for you or your product manufacturing is feasible for them (according to your customization needs and your initial quantities). Finding the best manufacturing partner is the most important task (Sometimes, even more than the sales), as sales depends upon the services you will get from your partner. It is the hardest task as well. Websites like Alibaba and Thomasnet have millions of businesses, claiming to be the best manufacturers. You can find some right ones there, by reading and evaluating the given details. There is a lot to learn how to search and select the right manufacturer, but we are not discussing it here.

We are discussing how to get proper attention from the right manufacturer when you find them.

According to our experience, the best one is: who has the capacity, experience with online consumer goods and who is already busy. If someone has the capacity but the factory is not running presently (or partially operational) then they might not be able to manage your needs. They are already stuck with there own problems.

All the good manufacturers have their marketing teams, consisting of marketing galls and guys, who do not know much about the product and production details. They are good to sell ready made goods only. Usually, they reply with set responses and answer technical questions after consulting with senior ones. Even with consultation, they cannot give the details that you need for your planning. It could take weeks to get details, and this is the worst type of communication for a sensitive matter like customized production for an online platform. You will end up sticking to the one who has the patience, not the one who has the ability. You need to talk to the experienced guy with decision making authority.

Your initial important task is to pass through the marketing team and get the right person to talk.

Your initial query can do that trick.

Rule of thumb; General and less interesting queries get the least attention and are left for the marketing teams. Senior will take the query if he finds it relevant and see potential of maturity.

Now, how to draft a query to make it more interesting for the experienced/senior ones?
  • AVOID one liner questions! It shows your casual behavior and lack of interest in the project, hence, it would be left for lower marketing staff. A busy person never has time to keep answering one liner.
  • Avoid templates, which usually say “we are interested in your product”. It shows that you are sending random queries. Draft it yourself
  • DO YOUR RESEARCH about the product, before drafting a query. Your research will be evident in your query thus showing your seriousness. In fact, if you are serious about your business/product then you must have done the research already. It is the primary task.
  • Do your research about the specific manufacturer (usually there is a lot of material available on their own websites, as well as on the other links). You will be able to understand their capacity, offers, limitations etc. This will show your interest and seriousness in the project thus making it more valuable for the busy guys.
  • Check their website in detail. Usually, they already have answered all general questions on the website. Good manufacturers usually give details (at least initial details) about products on website, to avoid thousands of questions.
  • Everyone who has a certificate, display it on their site. Check it instead of asking. You may check the authenticity of certificate on the certificate issuing authority site.
  • Mention your quantities in the 1st phase. Usually, manufacturers have minimum quantity limits, but they can do less than their minimums for a prospective partner and a valuable project. Plan (at least a rough plan) about your initial quantities.
  • Make it personalized. It will show that you have sent the query to them only, thus, showing more chances of maturity.
  • If you want to send queries to several manufacturers, send separately. Do not send to a list. Do not send email as bcc. The established and serious businesses do not consider such queries if it is like a public tender.

Summary: Show that you have spent time on product, you have the business (or at least a plan), you are serious, and you are interested in them.

With these steps, you will surely get to the right person and will be getting guidance and better offers.

Hammad Haseeb-May, 2021