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Massage Table Sheets Bulk

Spa Tabel Sheets Wholesale

Massage Spa Face Hole Table Sheets Bulk

Spa Massage Face Hole Table Sheets Bulk


Wholesale Spa Table Sheets With Face Hole Manufacturer

We produce Spa table fitted sheets, flat sheets and mattress covers with Plain, Satin (sateen), Jersey and flannel fabrics. Soft Cotton Jersey and Satin are in demand. Massage Table size is less than twin bed and the height of the mattress is lesser than regular mattresses. We have specific width fabrics available for these massage table sizes. Our fabrics are staining resistant and highly washable.


Wholesale Jersey Spa Face Cradle

Wholesale Massage spa Face Cradle Headrest Covers Bulk

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Massage Table Face Cradle Head Rest Bulk

100% Cotton and Poly cotton fabrics; We are using both for Table Sheets and Cradle Covers. Cotton is more soft and more absorbent; Poly cotton is less expensive and more durable. Waterproof sheets are also available.

Cotton Massage Bolster Case Covers Manufacturer

Wholesale Round Spa Bolster Cover Bulk

White Cotton Bolster Pillow Covers Bulk Manufacturer

Bulk Spa Bolster Case Manufacturer

Spa Head Rests & Pillow Covers Bulk

Manufacturer of Spa Cotton Pillow Covers

Wholesale Spa Pillow Covers

Headrest, Cradle Covers, Bolster cases and pillow cases, both inner and outer needs to be carefully sized which we are able to do with experience. Usually, we produce outer covers with Cotton and inner cover with strong poly cotton heavy fabric. Waterproof/oil proof inner covers are also available.

Massage Spa Jersey Fitted Table Sheets Bulk

Massage Table Sheets Bulk

Wholesale Waterproof Massage Spa Pillow Protector

Waterproof Pillow Case Bolster Covers Bulk

Wholesale Massage Spa Cotton Bath Wraps

Wholesale Spa Wraps

Towels for spa need to be more washable and anti-stain than regular towels. We have a variety of towels to serve within price range. Bamboo Cotton Towels are in high demand due to their softness and anti-bacterial qualities. Bamboo Towels are our regular production.

Wholesale Cotton Head Turban Bulk Manufacturer

Wholesale Head Turban Massage Hair Wrap

Wholesale Massage Therapist Spa T Shirt

Spa Uniform Cotton T Shirt Bulk

Bathrobes, bath wraps, head wraps for spa are being produced with both waffle and terry. Usually, we use light weight soft cotton as they aren’t used for longer periods of time.

Massage Uniform Scrub Suits Bulk

Wholesale Scrub Spa Massage Clothing Uniform

Masseur Uniforms Bulk

Wholesale Spa Uniform Manufacturer

Massage Spa Therapist Uniform Bulk Manufacturer

Spa Clothing Spa Wear Wholesale

Massage Uniforms for masseurs are being produced in a variety of designs. We produce these with Poly Cotton, Cotton and 100% polyester fabrics. Our uniforms are highly washable, anti-stain and anti-crease. Ties, Zipper and snap closure are used as per selection.

Yoga Cushions, Yoga bags and other yoga textile items are also available.

Spa Linen Manufacturer & Spa Clothing Manufacturer

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