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We are manufacturing Kitchen Towels & Tea Towels in standard and customized designs since 2002. We produce for Wholesalers & Brands in Europe & US. There is 0% import duty on our towels in Europe and UK, 6% in US. Contact us for samples & pricing
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We are manufacturer of Yarn dyed Kitchen Towels, Jacquard Kitchen Towels, Terry Tea Towels, Printed Tea Towels, Dish Cloth and many more. Our Factory is located in Multan, Pakistan. We produce mostly with 100% Cotton. 100% Linen and Cotton Linen Kitchen Towels are also available

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Our Kitchen Towels are Oekotex 100 certified and comply with REACH standards. Recycled Towels (GRS and RCS certified) are also available. We are SEDEX certified (Social Compliance) as well.

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Customized Packaging and labelling are available. We are shipping (FOB, CIF, DDU) around the world.

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We need a picture, size of towel, weight of towel and initial tentative bulk quantity, to offer our prices. For best minimum prices, send us your existing selling item or the target competitor’s towel.

For Wholesalers, price is the main point of concern. Our prices and 0% import duty help them increase their sales​

  • Prices are calculated in September 2021 for a quantity of 10,000 pieces. Contact us for latest prices.
  • Lower quantities will cost a little more. Larger Quantities will cost less.
  • Difference between low cost and fine qualities is the absorbency and softness
  • Prices are for standard sizes and designs. We can produce any customised size and design. For prices of other sizes and designs, please contact us.
  • Customized packaging will cost additional
  • Standard Prices are for Calculation Purpose. Final prices may vary a little after sampling and quantity decision
  • Door Delivery (DDU or DDP) Prices can be offered as well
    For calculation purpose: 10000 Kitchen Towels will cost 1000 USD to be delivered in EU or USA
  • 20 FCL will cost 4000 USD to be delivered in EU or USA- 20 FCL will contain 80K to 100K Kitchen Towels
  • There is 0% Import Duty in EU and 6% Import Duty in USA, for Towels from Pakistan
  • All Towels are OekoTex 100 certified

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Kitchen Towels Manufacturer Pakistan

What is the standard size of a kitchen towel?

Kitchen towels came in several standard sizes. 30 x 30 cm, 40 x 60 cm, 50 x 70 cm, 65 x 65 cm, 70 x 70 cm, 60 x 80 cm, 50 x 100 cm are the most common size. Usually printed promotional kitchen towels / tea towels are produced in 50 x 70 cm size.

What are the Tea Towels / Kitchen Towels made of?

Kitchen Towels and Tea Towels are made of Cotton or Linen fabric or a combination of both. Different Varieties of cotton yarn is used for these kitchen linen articles i.e. 1-Open End Cotton 2-Carded Cotton Low cost 3-Ring Spun Fresh Cotton 4-Linen. Open end yarn, being the lowest cost yarn has a little percentage of polyester fiber however, it is usually sold with the label of 100% Cotton. Carded Cotton Yarn (low cost) is 100% Cotton but produced with mixture of waste cotton filaments. Ring spun fresh cotton yarn is 100% fresh cotton yarn and is highly absorbent and soft. Usually the best quality high end kitchen towels are made from ring spun yarn.

Linen is much more durable and absorbent than cotton, so do its price. Wholesalers and brands who sell to quality conscious consumers usually go for expensive linen tea towels. Look of cotton and linen are the same so most of the clients decide to use a cotton linen blend to rationalize the price.

What is a Yarn Dyed Kitchen Towel / Tea Towel?

Yarn dyed kitchen towels are weaved with dyed yarn. Yarn is dyed before warping it on the looms for weaving. The most common method for dyeing yarn is cone dyeing in which the whole cone of yarn is dyed in the processing mill. This is an expensive technique and used only for high end kitchen towels. Most of the low cost kitchen towels are weaved with dyed yarn that is processed in loose form. Multan in Pakistan and Karur in India are most famous for such type of dyeing and producing lowest cost kitchen towels.

How Promotional Printed Kitchen Towels are produced?

Usually promotional kitchen towels are produced with customized prints or logos. Plain cotton fabric 140 to 250 gsm is used to produce these towels. Raw Cotton Fabric is bleached or dyed and then printed. Fabric for printing has more threads per inch than yarn dyed fabrics; it is weaved tightly to present better results of printing. Clients, brands and promotional companies, can go for their customized labels and packaging as well to make a strong impact. Printed towels can be produced in smaller quantities than yarn dyed towels as the base fabric is produced in raw form.

What type of printing is used for Tea Towels and other kitchen linen products?

Silk Screen printing is the most common method for these kitchen textile products. Silk screen printing can be done with several type of materials, ranging from water based pigments to oil based colors. The printing is washable. In this type of printing, screens are used to paste colors on fabric. Number of colors in a single design decides the number of screens to be used, which is the initial cost for setting up a design. Rotary printing is also in use, especially for large quantities and optimal results. By employing screen printing you can print as minimum as 500 pieces per design whereas rotary printing needs at least 20000 pieces in a single design. Heat transfer stickers (digital printing) are usually used for complex designs and live pictures, however their usage is kitchen items is minimum.

Available in 100% Cotton, Open end Cotton, Linen and cotton linen.