How we serve Wholesalers and Brands as their sole supplier of Cotton Textile and Apparels?

Our partners belong to two main categories: 1-Wholesalers 2-Online Brands.

Wholesalers need goods that comply the testing requirements of their clients, competitive prices and in time deliveries. Online Brands have some additional requirements. Online sale gives customers the right to return the product without any charge and to promote, demote it through online comments; Manufacturers must be extra conscious to analyse the behaviour and needs of end user for product quality, additional features and packaging. Manufacturer must take care of the whole supply chain, from product development to delivery to Amazon / eBay or brand’s own warehouse, to ensure the quality of chain, hence generating new clients as well as retaining existing.

We work with the partner (wholesaler or brand retailer) to identify possibilities before going into production. Designs, including fabrics, accessories, sizes are discussed, Competitors’ products are analysed, Prototypes are developed , especially for new designs and articles. Customized packaging is brainstormed for attractive look, user friendliness and to conform the warehousing size requirements. We are producing hundreds of design of products, this helps us to suggest possible variants to fit and create niche. The clients are kept informed in real time about their production and quality at every stage.

The process of product development is done in a friendly environment, going back and forth to partner, discussing dozens of times, accepting mistakes and improving the idea. We found that open discussion at planning stage is the key to success. The time and cost spent on sampling pays back dearly.

We are striving for happiness for everyone, from our team members to our partners, and from our vendors to end users

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for continuous supply of Canvas Bags, Bar & Restaurant Uniforms, Towels, Linen Table Napkins and Jersey Fitted Sheets?

Most important, your contact person must have comprehensive understanding of materials and production process. He/she must be available and ready to discuss each and every aspect. The manufacturer must have at least 10 years experience of contract manufacturing. Look for certificates they have. Standard renowned certificates like Oeko-Tex 100  and ISO 9001-2015 increase the authenticity of your partner. Check their online presence; membership of valid large online platforms can help understand them

Next step is to share your required specifications in details. Effective Communication is the key to a successful business. Communicating your requirements enables them to focus. Share your previous problems with fabric, design, finishing, packaging and delivery, so they may avoid. If you still haven’t selected a specific product then select some items from their website or from any other manufacturers website; share the details with them so they may evaluate the textile / garment and suggest options. Negotiate prices keeping the quality in mind. Manufacturers keep a standard profit margin. Lowering the cost beyond minimum can risk the quality. Remember, quality can bring you customer satisfaction which boils down to more business

Usually Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Vietnam has the same prices; everyone among them has their own comparative advantage. Look for recent developments while selecting the manufacturer. You may go for Pakistan; due to current currency devaluation @ 30%, Pakistani products are enjoying a matchless price competitiveness. GSP plus also entitles them for tax free import in European Union.

Must go for prototypes, especially for Canvas Bags. Don’t bother for high expense. Spending on prototypes / pre-production samples is the key to improve your relationship with your supplier and to avoid painful surprises. Don’t hesitate to ask for revision-modification if you feel the product needs improvement. Take all technical details of prototypes to bring it into writing. Take pictures or ask the manufacturer for a photo shoot.

Before finalizing the contract, keep all communication in a single email thread, to follow it easily. Bring everything into writing when you have finalized all terms
Ask for real time status of your production. Don’t wait for the the deadline. Keep a check on given deadlines of production process. This way you can ensure that the manufacturing is on its scheduled plan.
After receiving and distributing your goods, must give feedback to your supplier. Feedback should be swift to improve the product in next production.
Have a good business and make everyone happy. Good businesses are source of income and happiness for millions of people.