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Cotton Bamboo Kids Towel Bathrobe

We are producing 100% Cotton-Bamboo Terry Robes, Waffle Robes, Kids and Spa Bathrobes in Kimono, Shawl Collar and Hooded styles

How to Develop a Best Selling Robe

for Your Amazon Store, Own Website or Wholesale

A bathrobe is sold for its Quality, Style, and Appearance. Making a balance between quality and price could get high sales. In our experience, there is a huge potential in this article. Sellers don’t understand the quality and the right aspects to improve it, without increasing the price too high. We have researched a lot on Amazon and other platforms and found that the market is only running with traditional robes without a real improvement. Besides quality, there is also no useful accessory addition. Today’s consumer need helpful user friendly innovation; there is a lot to add or improve in bathrobes.

We have shortlisted and summarized some aspects to understand the options for developing a Hot Selling Bathrobe. We are here to work on prototypes of your brainstormed ideas and for bulk production.

Step by Step

  1. Select Fabric: Terry or Waffle Fabrics are the best for bathrobes. Read about fabric quality and options on our Quality of Towels Page 
  2. Select Colors: White and light colors are the best. Select colors from Color Chart
  3. Confirm Sizes: We have several Size Lists according to the target market. Select among those. Go for a higher ratio of regular sizes. Initial sales will give you a better idea of which size sells the most.
  4. Select Style: Bathrobes can be produced in Kimono, Shawl and Hooded styles. Think about it. You may also play with contrasting colors for hood, collar, ties or pockets. A reversible bathrobe is also a good idea. Two layer bathrobe is best for reversible design.
  5. Finalize Accessories: We believe there is a huge margin in this area. You may add a waterproof pocket to keep the cell phone or other accessories safe. You may add a snap button instead of ties. You may add an elastic on the waist to fit the bathrobe. A pocket or hanger for underwear and bra is also useful.
  6. Customize Logo: An embroidered logo enhance the appearance to a great extent but avoid large embroidery on several spaces. Bathrobe is meant for soft touch, let it be soft everywhere.
  7. Design Packaging: Check our Packaging Options. You may go for a fabric bag which will remain useful later on.
  8. Develop Prototypes: Prototypes, although expensive, are the best way to check and get formal / informal comments from your team / friends. It will also provide a reference for you and the manufacturer to follow.
  9. Decide Delivery Schedule: Depends upon your marketing campaign and targeted season. Remember! season sales can not be achieved during the rest of the year.
  10. Go for Production
Frequently Asked Questions:
What is the best material for Robes?

1- For Softness, absorbency and warmth, a heavy terry cloth combed cotton fabric is best for bathrobes. It can absorb several kgs of water.

2- If you do not need warmth, e.g. in hot climates, the same terry fabric with a lesser weight will work best. Waffle is also best where you need a lightweight and light feel robe, within low cost.

Why do we Prefer Cotton for Robes?
Cotton is Soft, and it is highly absorbent, hence, best for bathrobes. Cotton is skin friendly and doesn’t produce charge therefore it is considered best for items that have direct contact with skin
Bamboo Vs Cotton for Bath Robes?
Bamboo has the same qualities of cotton, to a higher extent. Additionally, it is durable and hypoallergenic, so it is preferred over cotton. However, it is expensive than cotton. An anti bacterial treatment add worth to it when using for garments.
Is Knit Terry a good option for Bathrobes?
If you want to wear the Robe for longer period of time, or to sleep while wearing it, then knit terry provides the best alternative as compared to woven terry. It is stretchable thus make us feel more comfortable when we move or stretch.
What are Waffle Robes?
Waffle is a Cotton textured fabric that is highly absorbent and light weight. Its characteristics make it most feasible for bath robes.