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We are producing uniforms and chef clothing since 2002, for Wholesalers, Brands, Laundries, Restaurants, Hotels and Caterers. Our prices and quality help resellers (our partners) increasing their sales. FOB, CIF or Door Delivery to your warehouse is available. There is 0% duty on our clothing in Europe and UK.
We guarantee lowest prices. Our costs are less than India and Bangladesh

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Chef Coats

Chef Wear Designs that we Offer:
Middle button Chef Jackets & side button/double breasted Chef Coats, both designs are being produced with nylon, ring type snap, brass buttons and handmade stuffed buttons. Cargo and plain Pants are being produced with strong zipper and buttons. Chef Trousers are produced with strong and durable elastic.

Customized designs e.g., special color, colored piping on edges, mesh polyester fabric on the back and beneath the shoulders, extra pockets, pockets with zippers are produced on demand.

Types of Fabrics that we use for Chef Clothing:
Most of our clothing is made of 100% cotton, 65:35 Poly Cotton and 50:50 Poly Cotton, from 150 gsm to 250 gsm. Cotton is popular in hot climates, whereas, Poly Cotton is hot selling in cold climate. Cotton is skin friendly, breathable and biodegradable; Poly Cotton is more durable, more washable, takes less stains and it is cheaper.

Chef Pants

Fabric Characteristics:
Our Fabrics are preshrunk (to eliminate shrinkage after wash) and processed (to reduce pilling). All of our fabrics are anti crease and anti-stain processed.

Twill/Gabardine Fabric is mostly in use due to its characteristics (Drapery and less visible stains); however, plain fabrics are also used especially in light weight, low-cost uniforms. We use high density fabrics (density of yarn per inch). High density fabrics are stiffer, look better and durable. 

Black and White Checkered, 100% Cotton and Poly Cotton, is used for Chef Trousers

Chef Aprons

Washing and Color Fastness:
All of the uniforms are intended to be washed at high temperatures with chlorine. We dye them to withstand 85-degree high temperature laundry washing and chlorine wash. Their colors remain intact after 100s of washes

Stitching is done with high quality polyester thread with 12 stitches per inch. Bar-tacks are done on each point to strengthen the joints. This gives these uniforms ultra-strength.

Chef Hats

Chef Hats are usually produced with 220-280 gsm fabric but some partners demand extra stiff fine hats that are produced with 300 gsm fabric.

We are manufacturing Chef Uniforms (including Chef Jackets, Chef Trousers, Hats, Aprons, Bartender uniform, Waiter Uniform, Baker Uniform). We produce for Wholesalers. Uniforms are different clothing than usual garments. Uniform need to be more strong, durable, stain and crease resistant and still more economical. Accessories like Snaps, Buttons, Zippers, Elastic must be highly strong and resistant to high temperatures regular washing. A long experience and continuous feedback system is required to develop the specific expertise. Availability of materials including fabric, the low cost labor, the experience and the capacity made us help and serve the wholesalers and the retailers (in Europe and USA) to establish and increase their sales. Highly competitive market requires new designs each season. We work round the year to keep developing new designs for the market.

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