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Are you a Wholesaler or a Laundry? Do you need Table linen in bulk for your Hotels & Restaurants?

Zephyrs Textile is one of the largest manufacturers of table linen. We produce tablecloths with Cotton and Poly Cotton. Plain, Sateen, Damask, Jacquard, Printed and Gingham / buffalo check designs are in regular production.
We are supplying to Wholesalers and Laundries in Europe & USA. CONTACT US for a long-term business. You may increase your sales by our prices and quality. There is 0% import duty on our tablecloths in Europe; 6% in USA.

[ We are Producing since 2002 ]

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How we produce our tablecloth fabric?

We produce our own cloth for our table linen range. Production is done in our factory located in Multan Pakistan. Low cost availability and easy access to the raw material enable us to produce it on cheaper costs than anyone else in the textile world. We produce plain, sateen, twill, yarn dyed and jacquard table clothes and napkins.

We produce for institutional use; mostly for restaurants, hotels, banquet halls, cruises and events. This use requires durability and wash-ability more than usual clothes. Fabric needs to be anti-staining or at least, the stains must go out quickly in washing. Cloth should also crease less and iron/press well. 20 years of experience taught us which yarn and finishing process is best to achieve these results. All size, in square, rectangle and round shapes are available. We can dye the fabric in any of your desired colors. We produce on demand according to your requirements We are available for questions regarding quality and characteristics of different tablecloth fabrics.

Benefits and Challenges of buying directly from a manufacturer:

If you are buying in bulk then check prices with us. Buying directly from a factory is a good idea to increase our profit margins and improve our sales. We are far cheaper than China and India. You can also get customized linen to stand out of the competition. We can ship FOB and CIF and we may also deliver to you, duty paid.

Usually challenge is the quantity. We need little higher quantities to produce them economically. Moreover, production time is more than what a wholesaler offers. However, the price and quality benefits outweigh the challenges. Key is discussion and communication.

We are a sustainable textile mill. We comply with all the regulations. We are ISO, Oekotex, RCS, GRS, Food Grade and Sedex certified.

Printed Custom Tablecloth

We produce custom printed tablecloth with names, Logos and print designs. Our prints are washable. All types of printing are available. Printing can be done on white or colored ground.