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We are producing Adult Bibs and Baby bibs in Cotton Terry, Jersey, Canvas and Fleece fabrics.

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Adult Bibs:

Baby Bibs:

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What do you need to know to design a baby bib for your store?

Fabrics for a Baby Bib:

Baby Bibs are produced with 1- Jersey Fabric 2- Terry Fabrics. Both Jersey and Terry fabrics for Baby bibs are produced with 100% Cotton or Bamboo yarn, because of absorbency, softness, skin friendliness and health benefits.

Jersey Baby Bibs:

Jersey is a knitted fabric thus it is stretchable and easily fit on neck. It is more flexible and bendable than woven fabrics. It cannot be torn apart easily. It can be easily printed. Jersey is highly washable and have anti stain characteristics as well.

Usually 180+ gsm jersey is used for bibs. Low cost bibs are produced with single layer jersey fabric whereas double layer make it more absorbent; the inner layer keep the dress of baby safe from spills and stains. Cotton Jersey is approved all over the world for baby garments because it goes very well with the skin in all weathers and conditions. Bamboo is expensive; however, it’s characteristics surpass those of cotton. It is highly absorbent and more durable than other natural fibers. Bamboo fibers are anti allergy and anti bacterial. Sometimes, a PVC or PU lining is used as lining to make it waterproof but we don’t recommend it. We suggest keeping all synthetic materials away from baby skin.

Terry Baby Bibs:

Terry is a woven fabric; for bibs it is produced with finest bamboo or cotton. Terry has the highest absorbency among all fabrics because the yarns in pile/fur is loose and can easily absorb/hold water. Terry has a surface feel like velvet. Due to its softness and absorbency , it can be easily used to wipe out spills and to clean the face. Usually 300+ gsm terry fabrics are used for bibs however, we recommend 400+ gsm for bibs. Although it increases the cost a little but the characteristics for usage are improved a lot with the weight of fabric. Printing on terry fabric is not advisable. Either Embroidery can be used for designs or different color terry can be used for designing; however, we suggest single solid color terry fabric for bibs that looks more elegant and clean. Terry is always used in a single layer. No lining is required, especially for higher weight (400+ gsm) as they can hold water and liquids 5 times more than its own weight, courtesy to its absorbency..

Options for Neck Closure:

There are several options for closure. 1-Neck Ties: The best and lowest cost are the neck ties that are produced with the same fabric that makes the edges of the bib, usually jersey or woven fabric. These are highly adjustable and highly durable. 2-Hook and loop fastener: (typically called Velcro) These are highly adjustable (slightly lesser than the neck ties). These are liked because of their ease to use; however, these are NOT recommended for terry bibs as the hook portion can spoil terry while washing. 3- Snap Buttons-Metal or Plastic: Snaps buttons are really good and user friendly but putting them on bibs require care so they may not get out of the fabric. They are good for all types of bibs including jersey and terry. We recommend metal snaps as they go well with the baby skin..

Customizing Your Bib:

Printing is mostly used for Jersey fabric baby bibs. It provides variety of options to choose. Embroidery is a little bit more expensive than printing however, it is more durable and looks elegant. Embroidery goes well with both types of fabric.
Types of Adult Bibs:

There are several types of Adult bibs; however, three are most popular

Terry Adult Bib:

Terry adult bibs are usually used in Hospitals. These are made of 100% Cotton Terry 350 gsm. Woven 120 gsm poly cotton fabric is used on the edges of bib. Most popular colors are White, Sky Blue, Light Yellow, Light Green and Peach. They are highly washable. Lightweight terry fabric make it easy to wear and care. For neck closure, mostly snap buttons or KAAJ type holes are used. These Bibs work as Cloth Protection Barrier. These are being produced in millions and their price is usually below 1.00 USD FOB

Canvas Adult Bibs:

These are high quality adult bibs, usually used in old homes and at home. These are best fit for online retailers. 300-450 gsm canvas fabric in natural cotton color is used on front and 100% polyester fleece is used as lining on back. Canvas is usually printed with customized colors. Metal Snaps buttons and Hook and Loop fasteners are used for neck closure. Thick Canvas and fleece literally make it impossible for any liquid to pass through. They are high quality bibs and their elegance make them a favorite. They can also be produced without fleece on back. Denim fabric is also available to be used instead of canvas.

Polyester Cloth Waterproof Bibs:

These are made of 100% polyester printed fabric on front and a PVC coated fabric on back. They are lightweight and usually used in hospitals for unconscious patients. Metal snaps and Rabbit ear KAAJ are used for neck closure in these bibs. Their absorbency is less than above mentioned two types.

Sizes of Adult Bibs:

Most common sizes are  50 x 90 cm, 50 x 80 cm, 60 x 90 cm


We have a variety of Adult bibs and Baby Bibs (Clothing Protectors) to meet everyone’s budget. We offer a wide array of styles,prints and colors. Our Terry adult Bibs are made of 100% Cotton and 85:15 Poly Cotton blend, which keeps the shrinkage down to a minimum, and allows hundreds of laundry washes. We offer top quality Cotton Cloth Bib backed with a vinyl barrier for the maximum spill protection. The Terry cloth Barrier Protection Patient Bib is available in a nice subtle light blue, perfect for men as well as ladies. Our Baby Bibs are made of 100% Cotton or bamboo Terry and Knit Jersey fabric , that are soft and absorbent. We are producing dozens of designs, with and without printed designs.

What is a Makeup Bibs? How can you design your own Makeup Bib for wholesale?

Makeup Bibs are used to save your dress while preparing for party or doing regular makeup. The new trend is cotton canvas or denim makeup bibs.  Thick cotton (Twill or Canvas) or Denim fabric is used on the front and polyester fleece on the back however, you may also go without fleece. Denim is usually used without lining. Two layered (with lining of fleece) are usually used in cold climates whereas single layered denim and canvas bibs are used in tropical climates. Pockets of bibs are used to keep the makeup accessories in reach. Designing of these bibs is done keeping the user friendliness in mind as they are supposed to be used single handedly, by the beneficiary him/herself. An experienced manufacturer is required to materialize your design successfully. Metal Snaps and Velcro are the favorite for neck closures. Neck ties are rarely used for these types of bibs. A hanging loop is a must to hang the bib within easy access from your dressing table.