What do you need to know while selecting a Bag for Private Label wholesale

Canvas bags are hottest selling items. Either you are -a Promotional Company, searching cotton tote bags for promotion of your client -a Wholesaler, supplying low cost bulk quantities to your buyers or –an Online Private Label Brand, selling your goods to your quality & price conscious online customers; a careful evaluation of required specifications can pay you back in term of lower cost and increased customer satisfaction. Let us discuss different cotton bags

Cotton Tote Promotional Bags

These bags are usually produced with 140 gsm ( 5 oz) cotton fabric. You may opt for 100 gsm Muslin fabric (Muslin is a low cost light weight raw cotton fabric) if you want to decrease the cost by 2-4 cents, or, you may go for 190 gsm fabric if you want more sturdy look and want them to carry more than 10 kg weight. Inform your supplier if you are going to sell them plain or will print them. For printing, pre washed and pre shrunk fabric is used to get optimum print result and to make printing washable. Non Pre washed fabric shrink by 6-8 % after wash. Ironing before packing into cartons will add 3-4 more cents to the cost. Stitching is very important. Ask the supplier for at least 8 stitches per inch. You may also customize packaging to decrease shipping volume. Folding the handles into the bags will increase the capacity of a carton, making transport more economical.Carefully select the size of handles. Short handles of 30-35 cm are used for hand carry. To carry the bag on shoulder, you need a handle size between 50-70 cm.

Canvas Shopping Bag

Canvas is a type of fabric that can be produced with 100% cotton, poly cotton or 100% polyester. Canvas bags are heavier and stronger than plain raw cotton bags. 8 oz to 20 oz (230 gsm to 456 gsm) cotton canvas fabric is the usual standard. Discuss with your supplier and reduce / increase the size of bags to avoid fabric wastage. You may select self fabric for handles or more strong canvas tape, which will look much better. You may also select polyester or PVC handles for Cotton ladies trendy handbags. Canvas can be extra stiff, coarser and hard or it can be processed to make it feel and look soft and neat. Decide about it and communicate it to your supplier in Pakistan. Printing Canvas cotton bags requires more skills than raw plain light weight cotton fabric. Try to use minimum number of colors. Usually silk screen table printing is used, however, Rotary printing is the best option but you need large quantity to get it rotary printed. You may add pockets, inside as well as outside. You may also add zippers, snaps, Velcro, embellishments etc. You may also use colored fabric for designing. Talk to your designer or discuss with your manufacturer. Additional features always attract consumers. 100% Linen or Cotton Linen blended fabric can also be used for these bags.

Canvas wine gift bags