Understanding a Baby Towel

There are 2 main and 1 minor aspects to consider while developing a Private Label or buying baby towel in Bulk for your store.

1-Towel Quality:

For Towel Quality, please check details on Quality of Towels page.

We prefer Z3 for low cost articles and Z4, Z5, Z6 for high quality, super soft and super absorbent baby towels.


We have many options on our page however, you may use your own experience and creativity to design a hot selling Baby Hooded Towel. Blue, Pink and White Towels and contrast designs are the best bet. We have categorized different design for the simplicity in costing.

BT-1: Animal ear design, or any design that use additional Terry or another fabric to create ears or likewise design. Without embroidery (or with minimum embroidery)

BT-2: Embroidery on the hood. You may chose to put text or any other design on hood with embroidery.

BT-3: Ear+Embroidery. A design where you use Embroidery and Ears like designs together. They cost a little higher than other 2 designs.


BT comes with a triangular shape hood with square towel. Sizes usually are 75 x 75 cm and 90 x 90 cm. Other sizes can be produced easily.

BTR comes with a Bathrobe style hood with a rectangular shape towel. Sizes usually are 70 x 100, 70 x 120 and so on. These sizes are usually for kids of 8+ years.