Canvas, Cotton, Calico, Muslin Cloth; Which Fabric is better for Bags

A complete guide to select the most suitable fabric.

We receive queries with terms like cotton bag, canvas bag, muslin bag or calico bag. These terms are used for some specific type of fabrics or bags. Manufacturing professionals can easily distinguish between these words; however, generally, this is confusing and cannot communicate the exact technical details. Using correct words can help get better prices from manufacturer and reduce the chances of misunderstanding.

Canvas Fabric:

Canvas is a type of weave. It is a manufacturing term. Canvas can be produced with 100% cotton, poly cotton or even with 100% polyester. Usually this word “Canvas” is used as an alternate of cotton, which is wrong. Always use “Cotton Canvas” or a Cotton Canvas Bag, especially when you are dealing with a manufacturer for bulk purchase. Traditionally, Canvas weave is used for heavy weight fabrics.

We are manufacturing Canvas Bags since 2002

Muslin Cloth:

Muslin is a market term for a very light weight thin 100% cotton fabric. It is not a technical term and cannot communicate specifications. This term is not recognizable all over the world. Better to use the words “100% Cotton fabric” with gsm-the weight of fabric. You can add the word “Muslin Fabric” as a reference. 

Calico Fabric:

The word “Calico fabric” a traditional term, used for a Cotton fabric (Similar to Muslin) in raw and unprocessed form; means, straight from loom, from weaving, without any dyeing or bleaching process. In Calico fabric, cotton is used in its natural color.

Better to use, natural or raw 100% cotton fabric instead, with the weave type (and if you know, mention the yarn and construction details, otherwise, use the fabric sample). This will be more specific, will communicate actual requirement and will be understood equally, around the world.