100% Cotton Terry Towels for Hotels Wholesale

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Material: Available in below mentioned 4 varieties of 100% Cotton.
1- Low Cost 2- Premium 3- Combed Superfine 4- Zero Twist
Weight: 350 to 650 gsm
Size: Customized, all sizes available
Color: Customized, all color available in both 60 and 85 degree dying fastness
Certification: OekoTex Standard 100 Class 1 & ISO 9001:2015
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Manufacturer of Terry Towels for Hotels

Zephyrs textile is manufacturing Hotel Towels since 2002. Hotels Towels have a little different requirement. Hotels are famous for their bath accessories including Towels. They must be durable to last long while keeping the softness and absorbency. Price range and quality is different for 2-3 Star hotels and 4-5 Star hotels.
A long experience of supplying to hotels worldwide enables us to meet the requirement and to produce best quality within lowest cost keeping the lowest minimum quantity requirement. With our partnership, you may supply to hotels or launch a successful brand of towels with hotel quality plush towels.
Samples of towels and bathrobes are available for evaluation.
For a successful launch of private label towels, you must plan the packaging carefully. Please READ HERE about packaging options.
MOQ depends upon the required design and quantity.

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