What are the Best Fabric Options for Cotton Cloth Tote Bags?

Among hundreds of fabrics to produce bags, Natural cotton, Canvas, Denim, Calico and Muslin fabrics are the best materials for a natural ecofriendly or recycled bag. Most suitable varieties of fabrics (according to weave and weight) made of these materials, are given below. Regular production of these fabrics keeps prices at minimum with optimum required quality concerning strength, feel and look of a bag. Selection among them is done keeping costs and usage in mind. CLICK  the fabric code to read more about that fabric.  All the fabrics are OEKO-TEX 100 certified. FAIRTRADE Cotton, Recycled (GRS-RCS), Organic (GOTS) and Food Grade fabric options are available.

TPU and PU lamination for waterproofing is available for thick fabrics. Waxing is available for canvas fabrics. Arrangement of the list of cotton fabrics is pricewise, from lowest cost to high end; M11 is cheapest whereas M12 is expensive.

Technical details for buying or manufacturing these fabrics are available. Either you buy from us or you want to buy from anywhere else, details are available at NO COST. Just Contact us 

Top 10 Fabrics for Cotton Cloth Bags Manufacturers

We are manufacturing Canvas Bags since 2002

Ref#M11 10030307642:

115 GSM, 4 OZ, 100% Cotton or Poly Cotton:

Best Fabric for Cotton Cloth Tote Bags

Ref#M1 14020206060: 

150 GSM, 5 OZ, 100% Cotton:

Low Cost Fabric for Promotional Tote Bags Bulk

M11 & M1 Cotton Canvas fabrics are the Cheapest ones to produce Cloth Bags

For low-cost retail sales Tote bags or Promotional bags, we suggest above mentioned 2 qualities, due to a balance between minimum strength and minimum price. 60% of total bags production is done with these fabrics. Bags made of these fabrics can carry 5-15 kg weight. Printing cost is low and printing strength is good on these fabrics, however, prints are visible on the back side. The natural color is light off white – light beige. We can dye it in any color from given color chart.

Somewhat a see-through fabric; however, best for low cost promotions.

We usually have 4-5 Colors of these fabrics in stock (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Black). With these colors, there is no MOQ (with ex work price)

We are manufacturing Canvas Bags since 2002

Ref#M3 220211610856:

220 GSM, 8 OZ, 100% Cotton:

Fabric for Canvas Grocery Tote Bags Wholesale

For large size Tote or Drawstring Canvas bags, we recommend this fabric. Look is great and weave is twill; it is thicker than other fabric above, and it isn’t see-through. This is a strong fabric. Printing is good on it and print design is not visible on the back side. You can carry up to 40 Kg weight with bags made of this fabric.

What is the difference in Cotton, Canvas, Muslin and Calico fabrics??

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Ref#M4 25016129656:

290 GSM, 10 OZ, 100% Cotton Canvas and Poly Cotton:

Fabric for Canvas Grocery Tote Bags Wholesale

Strong and thick fabric. Best as a low-cost alternative of more thick canvas varieties. It is recommended in high end Tote bags, Backpacks, Zipper bags and pouches. It carries a thick look and feel. Fabric is stiffer and bags made of it may keep the shape and stand on their own without a stiffener. Dyeing increases its sturdy look. Stains or dust spots are less visible, courtesy to its weave. It is thick but the weave pattern lets the air pass through. This fabric is good for printing and dyeing. The natural color is light off white – light beige. We can dye it in any color from given color chart.

What are Types of Gusset in a Tote Bags? What is a Bottom Gusset?

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Ref#M10 44010D5034:

440 GSM, 16 OZ, 100% Cotton Canvas:

Best Fabric for Customized Canvas School Backpacks

It is heavy, it is stiff, it is strong and it looks great. Bags made from this canvas fabric do not require stiffeners to stand. Backpacks and Tote Bags made of this fabric stand on their own, can carry heavy weights and totally block airborne particles of dust and other elements from penetrating. It requires the best workmanship, strong sewing threads and durable accessories. Regular bag making skills cannot entertain this fabric well; it requires experience of this fabric and some specific machines. This fabric is used in shopping bags of high-end brands, strong backpacks and durable zipper pouches.

Ref#M12 850105105:

850 GSM, 30 OZ, 100% Cotton Canvas:

Heavyweight Canvas Natural Fabric for School Bags

This is a high-end fabric. Very few companies are producing such type of fabric. This is thick and we use it for strongest bags. Bags of this fabric do not require a stiffener. Regular bag making skills cannot entertain this fabric well; it requires experience of this fabric. Special machines are used to stitch this fabric. We use it in Beach bags, tool bags and ladies hand bags. Its thickness makes it almost waterproof even without any additional process.


100% Cotton Denim-300+ GSM, 10-14 OZ

Denim Looks good, Denim is trendy, Denim is heavy duty, durable & washable. These Denim fabrics can be used in raw form or washed for specific effects. Bags made of denim are used as hand bags.

We use 100% cotton denim from 10 oz to 20 oz for our bags.

Denim Fabric for Tote Bags Manufacturer


100% Cotton Mesh Fabric:

Best Cotton Mesh Fabric for Laundry Bags

Cotton Mesh fabric is used where high ventilation is required and you do not need to hide the contents of your bags like grocery bags for fresh vegetables. Sometimes it is used for decorative purposes only. It can also be used in combination with other bag fabrics; on one side or as a window.

Cotton Mesh Fabric for Vegetable Bags Suppliers


Jute Fabrics:

Jute Fabric for Tote Bags Manufacturer

Jute is a natural fiber. Jute is stronger than cotton but it isn’t soft and light weight like cotton. We use Jute fabrics for decorative purposes or decorative bags.


100% Polyester Fabric:

We make bags with polyester fabrics where waterproofing, durability and strength is required within minimum cost. Polyester is not natural but using recycled polyester make a positive impact on the environment. Polyester is low cost, it is stronger than cotton, it doesn’t absorb water, it doesn’t get dirt easily, it doesn’t shrink and it is much more washable than natural fabrics.

PU, TPU and PVC coating/lamination on our polyester fabrics is used to make them waterproof. PVC is cheaper than PU however, PVC does have negative impact on environment. PU and TPU have much higher abrasion resistance than PVC.

Polyester Fabric for Heavy Duty Tote Bags

Light weight polyester fabrics are usually used as lining inside the bag’s main compartment or inside the pocket. Thicker polyester fabrics are used as main body fabrics e.g., Zipper pouches, toiletry bags, backpacks etc.

We use 180T, 190T, 210T and 300D, 400D, 500D, 600D, 1000D and 1600D Polyester fabrics. In black, usually
they are available in stock and no MOQ is required when we make bags with these fabrics.

Silk Screen or digital printing is available for polyester bags.
Regular Polyester Fabrics are cheaper than recycled polyester fabrics.


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