Antimicrobial Bath Towels Bulk Wholesale

We are producing Antimicrobial (Anti bacterial and Antiviral) Bath Towels, Hand Towels and Face Towels. These towels are treated with silver based agents. Silver ion is a natural agent to fight against bacteria and virus. Germs cannot live on these towels. Sweating do not produce bad smell on these towels even if you use it for several days. These are best for gym, spas and sports.

We produce these with fine quality cotton. These towels are packed in air tight poly bags for longer life. We can treat them for 10-40 -washes. The antimicrobial characteristics will not go away in 70-100 washes.

These towels are safe for baby skins. We can produce anti bacterial baby towels, baby hooded towels and anti bacterial bath robes with this treated towel fabric.

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These Towels comes with certification and testing confirmation tags. Samples are also available

There is no import duty on these towels (made by Zephyrs Textile) import in EU and UK. In USA, there is 6% import duty. We offer FOB and DDP shipment.

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Material: Available in below mentioned 3 varieties.
1- Premium Cotton 2- Combed Cotton 3- Superfine Bamboo Cotton
Weight: 350 to 650 gsm
Size: Customized, all sizes available
Color: Customized, all color available
Certification: OekoTex Standard 100 Class 1 & ISO 9001:2015

RUCO®-BAC AGP from Rudolf 

Loading Capacity
10,000 Bath Towels 70 X 140 – 400 gsm in 20 feet container.
7000 Bath Towels 70 X 140 – 650 gsm in 20 feet container.
20,000 Hand Towels 50 X 100 – 400 gsm in 20 feet container.
14,000 Hand Towels 50 X 100 – 650 gsm in 20 feet container.
Production time
60 to 70 Days