Work Overalls

Trusted by craftsmen since long, ZEPHYRS knows how to make hard work easier. These deluxe coveralls have it all: durable, stain-resistant fabric, back vents for freedom of movement, heavy-duty brass zippers and more.

ZEPHYRS men’s overalls and coveralls are available in bib styles, waist length, and full body coverage. Insulated, fireproof, and PVC (options available). We carry a wide variety of men’s coveralls and overalls to keep you safe and your clothes staying clean. With different styles of overalls available, you can choose from materials denim, nylon, PVC rain bibs, and cotton duck. For welders and mechanics or those who may be working with fire, the ZEPHYRS cotton duck bib overalls are also available in a flame resistant style. ZEPHYRS overalls come with space inside for accommodating knee pads, and are available both quilted and non-quilted. Our men’s overalls also come in cotton duck, canvas, and nylon, and shield everything from your neck down. Pant style overalls are available in both a heavy duty and lightweight option. One of our design features a quilted insulation that will keep you warmer than flannel in even the coldest conditions, while the Waterproof Pants are for moderate to colder conditions, but can be layered for use all year round.

Most of the designs have a hammer pocket along with 8 standard pockets.

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